Hidden World Wedding Venues (Sylvan Glade and Sixam)

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This is a save file containing two wedding venues in the hidden worlds Sylvan Glade and Sixam!

When organising a wedding event Sylvan Galde will show up on the list when choosing a location!

To organize a wedding in Sixam, you have to travel there with the wormhole I have placed in the park in Oasis Springs. Use the computer I placed in Sixam to organize the wedding. You can delete the computer after by using the cheat code bb.enablefreebuild.

The wedding venue in Sylvan Glade uses the Base Game, City Living and Cottage Living. The venue in Sixam uses the Base Game, Get to Work and My Wedding Stories. If you are only going to use one of these venues, don’t worry about the missing content in the other one

If you want to place cake on the buffet tables you can bring some to the wedding in your sim’s inventory, or use the computer to order some. If you have My wedding Stories game pack, you can use the same cheat code to swap the buffet tables in Sylvan Glade to the game pack’s buffet tables instead.

Installation Guide:

After downloading, extract the .zip-file and move the save file into your The Sims 4 saves folder located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/saves.

I uploaded the venues as a save file instead of a tray file, because most of the items on my lot are placed with the tool mod outside what the game thinks is the actual lot. Therefore those items will disappear if it is placed through the gallery.

You do not however need this mod to use these wedding venues yourself!

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
City Living
Cottage Living

Game Packs

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