Grandpa’s Farm “Icemunmun” by helene912, NO CC.

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Grandpa had a farm … He worked hard, but his son Hugh worried him because he “held spiritual sessions,” as he called it, but otherwise did not pursue a job. The twin sisters, too, had only quarrels. Even a maid who had her own room couldn’t help. The children moved out, grandfather grew old, and went to a retirement home … Today the property stands empty. Of course, this is much too bad, you could make something out of it …

The farm has a total of 4 floors, including the basement. There are

– the water purifiers,

equipment to keep animals healthy, to operate or something like that, and

– a Juicer.

On the first floor, you will find

– An entrance area,

– a laundry room,

– a toilet,

– the open kitchen,

– the dining room,

– a fireplace,

– a pantry, and

– a flower table. The adjoining room is

– the living room with access to the chicken garden, where there are chickens, bees, and worm farms. It also has a big fireplace.

The second-floor houses

grandpa’s room and its adjoining bathroom,

– the room of the “unguided” son and his bathroom, and

– a small balcony.

On the third floor, there are

– the twins’ room, and

– the maid’s room, each with a bath.

– The large common room upstairs also has a fireplace and a nice sitting area.

Of course, everything is aged. But the jewel is expandable and stands on a 50×40 lot with its fish pond and a lot of farmland. Also, the price is affordable for this size:

It is 294345 ยง.

This lot is dedicated to Icemunmun, the first Modder on the world I contacted, a really nice lady, and an outstanding Modder.

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