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One of the more mystical elements of YuGiOh is the glowing “Eye of Anubis” which appears on the foreheads of various characters in association with the magic of the Millennium Items.

Last month, I created the Eye of Anubis for the Sims 3. Now, I’ve converted it for use in the Sims 4.

In the anime, the eye appears on Yami Yugi, Yami Marik and any character Marik is personally controlling with his Millennium Rod.

I have included 2 versions of the eye with an assortment of color presets, so you have more choices.

The “3D Shine” version has 20 presets. The first 12 are color-matched to precious metals, fantasy metals and others historically used in the making of jewelry: a Mix, Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Green Gold, Cobalt Blue, Orichalcum, Copper, Bronze and Brass. The last 8 have gradients of color based on the chakras: Rainbow, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

The 3D Shine version has a poly count optimized to fit within the range of items in the Glasses category which are of comparable size, so it should not slow down your game.

Level of Detail (LOD) Counts:

Very High (0):

658 vertices

1040 triangles

High (1):

466 vertices

736 triangles

Medium (2):

350 vertices

552 triangles

Low (3):

234 vertices

368 triangles

The “Flat Shine” version has 18 presets with the same colors as the previous version minus the Mix metal and Rainbow chakra, which had irreparable and unsightly resolution issues.

The Flat Shine version has a poly count that has been further reduced.

Level of Detail (LOD) Counts:

Very High (0):

350 vertices

424 triangles

High (1):

250 vertices

304 triangles

Medium (2):

186 vertices

224 triangles

Low (3):

126 vertices

152 triangles

You should only need the Base Game for this content to work.

The eye appears as an accessory in CAS under Piercings. So that the eye can be used in combination with CC eyelashes and earrings, I have put it in the Left Brow Ring category.

Each swatch preset will appear as a separate item in CAS rather than being merged into one item. This is due to only one emission map being allowed per mesh. For a more organized appearance, I’ve grouped the items so that they will appear together in the same order as they are listed in the preset images above.

The eye works for male and female sims of all ages.

Since the facial structures of each age group and gender are slightly different, I’ve sized and positioned the eye to present correctly on each.

The eye moves with the deformation of the brow ridge and hovers just far enough away from the forehead so that facial adjustments do not cause clipping with the skin beneath. The eye also sits comfortably beneath the bangs of most hairstyles.

Within the zip file download, you will find only one package file for each design version–3D Shine and Flat Shine. This is because I have merged the packages for each swatch of all these versions together: ym, yf, cu and pu.

And finally, yes! Though the effect is subtle–the Sims 4 does not provide the same lovely bloom that the Sims 3 does–they do glow in the dark!

Please do not upload my work on another site. I would like some credit for all the hard work I put in. This is for all the other YuGiOh fans out there. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:

In these screenshots, custom content skintones, eye colors, eyelashes and eyebrows are by Kojki0. Yami Marik’s hair is Male Hair G34 by Daisy-Sims, and Yugi’s hair is Adrian(091122) by S-Club.

Yami Marik wear wears my Tombkeeper Eyeliner and my Obelisk Earrings. (Published on: 2023-09-13 12:00:00)

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