Frank Lab goodies. Update 19-10-2017 Add effects

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Update 19-10-2017 Add tesla effects to coils.

Hello I have updated this set for halloween. i have added effects to the tesla coils with a tun on/off option.


Hello. I have finished this set for you as a complement of the mad scientist desk set. More goodies for your madscientist lab.

It consist of five objects

Frankenstein slab.

A slab for your sims or experiments . Works as a bed.

Its found under function–> Comfort—> Beds for 400

Reanimation machine

Works as a bed too. For your sims or experiments

Its found under function–> decorative—> Misc for 1100

Tesla Coil Torus and Sphere

Two decorative Tesla coils to give ambience to your lab

Its found under function–> decorative—> Misc for 100 each one

Monster in sheet

A decorative monster in a sheet to put on the slab or the machine

Its found under function–> decorative—> Sculpts for 5

The slab has one color, the monster in a sheet three, the coils two colors( on-off ) and the machine two too ( on-off )

For storytelling you can re-use the morgue corpse pose previously posted. You need to use the pose player and the teleport sculpt. Here its a pic where to put the sculpt

Any coments are highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:

Frankenstein slab


48 faces 68 vertex

Shadow Hi/med

28 faces 48 vertex

Reanimation machine


1332 faces 1190 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

1234 faces 1096 vertex

Tesla coil Torus


858 faces 561 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

640 faces 405 vertex

Tesla coil sphere


490 faces 369 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

272 faces 213 vertex

Monster in sheet


1079 faces 674 vertex

Shadow Hi/med

1077 faces 670 vertex

Additional Credits:

, Sims 4 Studio “jackpot” (Published on: 2016-11-18 12:00:00)

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