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Still compatible with patch 12/11/2019 – PC

29/03/18 – Dears! I checked the mod and all is fine with it, no need to update with the latest patch.

The errors you got had to be related with the bug EA did with one patch (I had it too, it was again related to completion of goals with do together). But it has been fixed with the last patch and now my mod is also again working fine For details, please see last patch notes here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/di…018-patch-notes

16/12/17 – It looks like the December patch fixed the events issue! Yay!

My mod is working fine with it and doesn’t need any update. Happy Simming all

12/11/17 November Patch (Cats&Dogs)

Hi There! I checked the mod – all the files are fine, there is no need for update for the last patch.

However – there is a general game issue reported connected to goals completion. It affects ALL PARTIES: Goals with do together don’t complete.

Please see link to report: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Repor…ng/td-p/6381164

Unfortunately it affects also my mod because it uses some goals like this (have those sims watch TV together etc.) My mod is not causing this bug, I checked this – this goal completion is not working even when I repair the game and put no mods/cc.

We need to wait until EA fix this issue.

22/08/2017: French translation added to version IlkaVMovieEvening_MHcompatible!!! Thank you YuuNyuu!!!

Update: Italian and German translation added to both versions.

I present to you a new social event – Movie Evening. If you want your Sims just to hang out with friends and watch some movies, this event is for them.

I created this mod firstly because I really wanted to learn finally how to create a custom event, secondly because I was kind of disappointed after finding out that Movie Hangout didn’t add any event like this to the gameplay. So here it is!

This is my first mod ever and I would appreciate any feedback you may have!

There are 2 versions of the event:

1) Movie Hangout SP compatible – version that requires Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, it uses its objects and features.

2) Base Game compatible – version that is compatible with base game

Install only one version of the event.


This mod was tested with the patch 08/08/2019 – PC


This mod doesn’t override existing files so should not conflict with other mods.

Additional Credits:

Tools used: Sims4Studio, TS4 STBL Editor, Notepad ++

Special Thanks: Thanks to TheSimKid – for The Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack and extracting all icons with their instance codes, I’m not sure how long I would look for it on my own…

Special thanks to Brittpinkie – for all you supportive approach, helping me out when I got stuck with my mod and in general for inspiring me in the first place to start modding on my own!

Translation: Thanks to

– HerrSims for German translation!

– InfinitiveSky for Italian translation!

– Konansock for Chinese translation!

– YuuNyuu for French translation!

Expansion Packs

Stuff Packs

Movie Hangout Stuff

(Published on: 2016-11-22 12:00:00)

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