Dual staircases and a round conservatory highlight this large family home

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Polly and Doug have twin girls, Becky and Sarah. As the girls got older, their small apartment in San Myshuno just wasn’t big enough. Luckily for them, this house was for sale,; just the right size, the right price, and the right location. The house was perfect!

The girls are starting college now, and it is time to downsize. Polly and Doug are moving to a smaller house in Windenburg, leaving this house available to buy. Maybe it is just right for you.

Polly loved the glass-roofed conservatory and the open concept kitchen, dining area, and computer nook. There is also a laundry room, and recycling room.

The dual staircases lead upstairs. One to the parent’s side, and the other to the children’s. Each bedroom has an en suite and access to the terrace with a small garden and lounge chairs.

Doug spent most of his free time in the basement working out in the home gym with a treadmill, punching bag, and exercise machine.

Outdoors, the twins loved swimming in the pool, making sand sculptures in the sandbox, and playing on the swings or monkey bars.

Snap up this house before it is gone, and enjoy raising generations of Sims in this home.

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