Dinnerware Set

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Hi everyone!

This is a dinnerware set that includes plate, cutlery, glasses and napkin.

What you have to know

  • These objects are decorative but Sims can place their food plate on the decorative plate to give the illusion that they eat in this last plate.
  • Actually these objects are floating in the air at 0.8m, table height, so they don’t use table slots.
  • The plate center is not “pickable”. This allows Sims to take the empty used plate and wash it. So if you want to move the custom plate, in buy mode, you have to click on the peripheral part.

Happy Simming!


Additional Credits:

Special thanks to strangestorytellersims from Tumblr for letting me use his fork’s mesh (from his formal tea set) as a base to create mine, and other cutlery parts (Published on: 2021-09-10 12:00:00)

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