Death Notifications (Beta) [Updated: 5/30/2022]

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Death Notifications

Death Notifications provide alerts when a Sim dies. Additionally, it will give the cause of death for human Sims (non-animals). Sims that will produce death notifications are human Sims and animals (cats, dogs, and foxes). Because the game handles notification of “object” animals (cows, llamas, and chickens) from Cottage Living, these are not supported.


  • This mod injects into DeathTracker‘s “set_death_type” function. As of my current knowledge, no other mods override or inject into this function.
  • This mod includes custom strings and does not replace or override any resources.
  • Old versions of Death Notifications caused conflicts with other script mods that have injector .py/.pyc/.pyo files. This is fixed in Beta 2.1 and above.

Example Notification


5/30/2022 — Beta 2.1

  • Fixed an issue that would cause conflicts with other script mods that would inject new code into existing functions.
  • The timeout durations for notifications have been modified.

5/29/2022 — Beta 2.0

  • The mod now has a configuration file. This configuration file will be generated the first time you launch the game with new versions of Death Notifications. See below for information about the configuration file.
  • Notifications alerting the user of Sim deaths are now flagged as “special moments,” meaning the game will render them purple.
  • Removed unused code, and refactored the entire code base.

Configuration File Information

Other Information

The strings in this mod are built for the custom pronouns introduced on 5/24/2022 (PC: / Mac: If your game is not updated, you may encounter issues with this mod.

This mod is under active beta development, and therefore, text, settings, and other features are subject to change. Due to this, translations from contributors are not encouraged at this time. This line will change when translations are accepted. If you have feedback regarding issues or suggestions, do not be afraid to let me know! (Published on: 2022-05-25 12:00:00)

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