Country Living Angels Wallpaper

Build Mode Wall Covering Walls and Floors

Country Living Wallpaper With 7 matching angel trims

More trims for your Country Living Wallpaper Collection

For the all colours of the walls in Sims 4 Studio…-wallpaper.html

Each is

A recolour of base EA wallpaper package.

Stand alone recolour

22 swatches (Going to use these colours as the base)

Found under Paint in Wallpaper search

Cost is 4 Simoleons

Additional Credits:



Snagit; (Published on: 2021-08-01 12:00:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
CountryLivingAngelTrim7.7z 3 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim6.7z 1 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim5.7z 2 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim4.7z 1 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim3.7z 1 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim1.7z 2 Download
CountryLivingAngelTrim2.7z 3 Download

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