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Tired of the clubs in your game growing old and dying? This mod ensures that new members are added regularly.

Mod Functionality

Each sim day at 2am the mod looks for new members for clubs that have become too small.

The target number of members is 4, so if a club has 3 or less members the mod will try to find new members. If the mod has been created by a club seed (either EA or CC) the mod will try to satisfy the number of members as defined in the club seed.

Please note that there is no guarantee that new members will be added, since the mod does not create any Sims. If there are no Sims that satisfy the club’s requirements nothing will happen.

Invite only clubs are excluded, so if you have any private clubs they won’t be touched by this mod.

This mod is intended for people that play without MCCC. If you use MCCC you probably don’t need this mod, since the MC Clubs module also does club maintenance.

Packs Required

You need to have Get Together.

Recommended Mods

I’d recommend scumbumbo’s Club Utils in case you ever want to finally delete a club in an easy way.

If you want to prevent that the relationships between club members are deleted I’d recommend a mod that prevents or limits EA’s relationship culling, like Neia’s mod or Bienchens’ mod (lessrelationshipculling). This is helpful for clubs that are mainly focused on social interactions.


Unzip and drag the script file into your Sims 4 Mods directory (not more than one folder deep).


This mod adds a completely new script and does not override any game resources, so it’s quite unlikely to conflict with other mods.

Terms of use

My mods are published under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.

If you share my mod please link back to this upload.

Expansion Packs

Get Together

(Published on: 2022-05-25 12:00:00)

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