Call Anytime + Relationship Mod (original by Scumbumbo)

Game Mods Overrides Tuning Mods

Compatible with patch 1.32.1 (18/07/2017)
Compatible with patch 1.31.37 (15/06/2017)
Updated for patch 1.30.103 (25/05/2017) and compatible with patch 1.30.105 (01/06/2017)
The mod is compatible with patch 1.29.69 (13/04/2017)

With the help of Tiger3018 was discovered a new useful resource that didn’t exist in the original mods.
Mod re-worked including the new resource. Please replace the older version with the new one.

The name of mod is the same, so, be sure that you delete old version first.
The mod is compatible with patch 1.27.80 02/feb/2017

This mod conflict with Chat and Invite For Vampires Fix (02-01 UPDATE) by Tiger3018:

My mod cover all the action introduced by Tiger mod.

Updated for patch 1.26.96 12/01/2017

Compatible with patch 1.25.136 06/12/2016
Updated for patch 1.25.135 01/12/2016
Compatible with patch 1.24.112 15/11/2016

Seeing that the creator is absent for a long time, I have decided to update its version for patch 1.24 (oct 2016)

It is possible that this update to be here on a temporary basis if the creator will return

If he will be back, this thread will be deleted.

I don’t know what the future would bring

Posting this update I didn’t want to offend the creator, I wanted only help the players.

The following flavors remain the same as the original mod:

CallAnytime – Enables using the phone to chat or invite sims over at any time, day or night.

CallAnytime_ChatLonger – As above, but phone chats will last longer (from 15 to 60 minutes).

CallAnytime_ChatLonger+GainRelationship – As above, but while chatting your relationship level will go up (if they don’t dislike you and only up to a limit)

CallAnytime_ChatLonger+GainLoseRelationship – As above, but the relationship will go down for sims that are disliked

This modifies the following XML tuning files:

This mod may cause conflicts with any other mod which changes the same resource files


Just unzip and put the .package file into your Mods folder.

Use only one flavor

Additional Credits:

The entire credit goes to Scumbumbo for creating this mod.

The original can be found here:

Expansion Packs

Get Together

(Published on: 2016-11-01 12:00:00)

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1698102_Scumbumbo_CallAnytime_ChatLonger1.30.rar 0 Download
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