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Update: There is a No CC version now. High clutter and squalor.

The house where Buffalo Bill was found in Silence of the Lambs. Pieced together by seeing both the movie and pics of the house near Pittsburgh where the movie was shot. Download some decorative CC like octagon rugs and porch swings, and winged stuff. I’ll work on a no CC version and return later to add the dowload. Things to note: The “mangina” room was moved to the basement, merged with the sewing room. The kitchen should have the same wood floor as the dining room, used dirty tile to gross it up. There’s a small garden in the basement to allege moths live there. Enjoy and bon appetit!

Theme: To celebrate thanksgiving Clarice Starling is rude to Hannibal Lector who gets mad, eats chicken, and jumps off a roof so that he can never help her find Buffalo Bill.

Lot Size: 40 x 30

Neighborhood Origin: Newcrest

Capacity: 2 Sims. Extra empty room available upstairs.

Custom Content: oh my god

Playtesting: 2 sim weeks with Leonardo DiCapprio and Mykol Jaxon

Activities: Dranks, paint, violin, dummy punch, computer, tv, chess, bookcase, bbq, clay, piano, coffee, tea, future cube, boom box, bonsai tree, comedy mic

Weekly Bill Average: 8,023 Skinoleans

Price Furnished: 225,236 Lotions in a basket

Price Unfurnished: 56,965 Dry chicken nuggets

Required Custom Content: Source pages and direct links where possible, no required registration

Color Coordinates Part 3: Roofs & Foundations by Madhox

Dead Trees Conversion by brial-immortelle [Direct]

Octagon Rug by LLR at La Luna Rosa

Havana Outdoor by Sasilia, conversion by Veranka [Direct]

Metro 2033 (TS4) labeled “Seth furniture and Decoration, ‘The Metro 2033′” on Post#59 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Modern Wood Floor by Pralinesims

Decoration Statues with / without graffiti at JenniSims [Direct]

Victorian Walls by Guardgian [Direct]

Bimini carpet from Sims 3 by Mulena [Direct]

Painting Warmth of Nature by Kymar JDS at Kyma Desingsims S4 [Direct]

Ikea Hemnes Shelving Units at lina-cherie [Direct]

Newspaper Stack at Around The Sims 4 [Direct]

Understated Elegance Curtain Tall 1×1 by mutske

Mila Living Seating by BuffSumm

Courtyard Indoor/Outdoor Rugs (Square) by Christina51

Keira Dining French Shutter 2 Tile by Angela

GardenRose TS4 – Curtain by Severinka_

Exhuberant Nature Paintings by Kymar JDS at Kyma Desingsims S4 [Direct]

35 Original Paintings by Me by sweetswami77

SmallSetC&C labeled “A Small Set of Furniture and Decoration” on Post#42 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Typewriter & Cameras Deco at Dinha [Direct]

Floral Wallpapers by mutske

Parquet 11 by Pralinesims

Musical Sounds Paintings by Kymar JDS at Kyma Desingsims S4 [Direct]

Dining CliveC Set by ShinoKCR

Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Dining Rug by TheNumbersWoman

Set Abandoned Vol 21 by JenniSims [Direct]

Dirty Plaster – Masonry Wall by inabadromance

Old Wood Floor 11 by Pralinesims

Set of Six Area Rugs by Davinia

Metro 2033 Walls & Floor Labeled “Coatings for walls and floors” on Post#58 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Castlevania LOS2 Floors Part 1 Labeled “Floorings” on Post#71 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Bits and Pieces – 3t4 Object Conversions at The Path of Nevermore [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Unlocked and Recolored Puddles – No Interactions by Bakie

Leaf Motif Wallpaper by Rirann

HL2Floors Labeled “Floorings” on Post#3 at Granny Zaza [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Old Floors Labeled “Floorings” on Post#9 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

LS ACR WallsP3-4 Labeled Wall Coverings on Post#72 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Mannequin 3 at Leosims.com [Direct]

Vlogger Tripod Camera at Kiwi Sims 4 [Direct]

Dream Life Persian Rug by Canelline

Mabra’s 4 Rug Set 02 at Arte Della Vita ( the extra mesh below is in case you want the sitting pouf, too ) ( [Direct]

^^^ Moscow Set from Mango Sims that has the Pouf Mesh for Mabra’s Rug Set 02 [Direct]

SINGER Sewing Machine at Sweetmint Sims 4 [Direct]

Sewing Box at Sweetmint Sims 4 [Direct]

RAW Shelves by plasticbox

Oval Painting Frame at Hinayuna’s Sims 4 CC [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Bedroom Clutter ( 32MB ) at SimmingWithAbbi [Direct]

Paintings Arthur Braginsky by HelleN [Direct]

Anatomical Theatre on Post#362 by Ladesire [Direct]

Oil Paintings by miker2209

HL2Walls Part2 labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#4 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

SWStucco11 Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#39 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

SWPaint Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#49 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Caro Murals Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#73 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

SBWalls for TS4 Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#25 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

Vintage Wallpaper No. 01 by annwang923

Art Deco & Art Nouveau Rug Collection by nafSims

SW03Walls Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#31 at Granny Zaza [Direct]

HL2Walls Labeled “Wall Coverings” on Post#2 at Granny Zaza [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Additional Custom Content: Oh god, noooo! This part is the bulk of the mess and clutter for completion. Skip for sparse mess, a hanging object or two, and no chicken meal decor on the counter.

Slob’s Life ( 13 of the Slob’s Life items on page 1 ) by Sandy at Around the Sims 4 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Stack of Papers at Mxims [Direct]

K Clutter Sputnik – Elements of Crime by Blackgryffin

Medical Clutter at First Lady of Casterly Rock [Direct]

Gosik Conversions at Mio-Sims [Direct]

Body Language ( you just need the bag and nothing else ) at SIMcredible Designs

TS2 T0 TS4 РCassandre’s Biological Food at msteaqueen.tumblr.com [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Mustluvcatz Moving Day Clutter Conversions by AnnachibiSims mustluvcatz conversion [Direct]

Dinner Time Set by Kresten22 at Sims Fans [Direct]

Sims 4 Vintage Telephone by sweetmint [Direct] [Alternate Direct]

Polaroids & Torn Walls by NewOne at One Billion Pixels [Direct]

Varius Drug Clutter and Various Drug Clutter 2 at A3RU Slums [1] [2]

Cashcraft’s Hollow Sleepy Set on Post#499 at Ladesire [Direct]

Dummy and Dress at Leosims.com meshes by Milla [Direct]

Table Classic Clocks by Severinka_

Beksinski Art Pack at Sims Dels World [Direct]

Camera Boxes at Budgie2budgie [Direct]

Kern Drain Rug Mesh by DOT

Fly Away from Akisima Sims Blog [Direct]

Kitchen Accessories Set 01 at Ann. W’s Sims 4 [Direct]

National Flags by LLR at LaLunaRossa

Nature Set at Viikiitas Stuff [Direct]

Educational Posters at Calliev Plays [Direct]

Animal Collection ( Reflection Off Version ) at Victor Miguel [Direct]

Butterfly and Dragonfly Paintings by Mulena [Direct]

Tulton Bedroom Dressing Mannequin by BuffSumm

Living Dead Girl’s TS3 Medication Clutter Set Conversion Merged File at brittpinkiesims Sims 4 Downloads [Direct]

Lot Size: 40×30

Lot Price (furnished): 225,236

Lot Price (unfurnished): 56,965

Custom Content by Me: Already included in the download.

– My Dirty Walls recolor of Mutske’s Floral Wallpaper at http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1265142

– My Dirty Walls recolor and Dirty Behind-the-Stove Mural of Rirann’s Leaf Motif Wallpaper at http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1343247

– My Dirty recolor of the Tall Order Vintage Cabinets and Counters based on Rirann’s Leaf Motif Wallpaper

– Other standalone recolors of CC and vanilla objects (Published on: 2016-11-25 12:00:00)

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