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Why are there no walkable bridges in the Sims 4? How can you fully enjoy the charm of a stroll by a river or lake if you are forbidden from crossing even the smallest of bridges? And the water? Shouldn’t you, on a hot day, at least be able to dip your toes in?

Say hello to BridgeView city, where the center of town in graced by a modern bridge that is not only crossable but with its multiple tiers and surrounding park, provides plenty to do on a sunny day. There is an upper deck for sunning yourself and taking in the romance of the city lights or even enjoying a soothing game of chess with your bestie. The lower deck is enclosed with windows all around allowing, you to enjoy the scenery from your table without being ruffled by the elements. Get yourself something from the bar, have a snack or dance to a favorite tune. There’s always something for you on the lower deck.

Oops, did I forget to tell you about the tower? There’s a, not so secret, staircase up there. Once you reach the top you will find yourself in private room with a fireplace and a balcony to look up at the stars from.

But it’s still early and the stars are not yet out. The sun is still warm and a gentle breeze is stirring, A walk in the park is in order. Pause to smell the flowers. Turn your steps around the corner and away from the city streets. An easel is waiting for you to try your hand at painting the beauty around you. Maybe a snooze under the trees is what you are looking for, or an occasion to show off your musical skills. It’s all there waiting for you under the bridge.

You pause, your eyes on the gently rippling water of BridgeView lake. Oh, so welcoming, it beckons you nearer. Go ahead, dip your toes the water.

How about a swim?

The water is so alluring, but you wouldn’t want to mess your outfit. Head to the convenient dressing room and rest room at the foot of the bridge and get yourself ready to make a splash.

After your tour of the bridge, feel free to visit the city of BridgeView. We are a compact town with plenty to do. Feel like going shopping? You can stop at Antler Clothiers and try on the latest fashions. How about stopping at the gym for a workout or a touch of yoga?

Maybe that swim was on the tiring side and you’re feeling a bit achy. There’s a massage therapy office. Step right in. There is no line.

Maybe afterwards you will want to check out the Art gallery and grab a little culture to go?

Talking about going places, Expert Motors in just downstairs. At Expert you can buy or lease a brand new, top of the line vehicle with no interest. Expert motors is happy to let you test drive any model. Thanks to Dark Gaia’s excellent ownable car mod, all you need to do is pick a car, click on it and pick a destination and you will be transported directly there. No driving, no waiting, no wasting fuel.

You’re thinking of staying on? What an excellent idea! There are plenty of positions available. You can run one of the stores or even work from home.

Talking about home. We have some prime real estate available. The Leianu House at the end of the road is for sale. It’s centrally located and comes with a charming waterfall fountain built in. You are free to furnish however you like. Even the position of the rooms is up to you.

Then there’s the Penthouse apartment. Two floors of the utmost in luxury, including a rooftop terrace and an enclosed winter-garden house, complete with a roomy hot tub and a bar.

Like its neighbor, Subway City, BridgeView City is miniature city in one lot. Your Sim family can live and work here. It can also be used as a venue or a travel destination.

If you would like your Sim to both reside in this lot as well as work there, you will need to have your Sim first purchase an empty lot (which will serve as their home base to the game), and then purchase the BridgeView City lot, so they can move in and set up shop. Remember to lock the doors on buildings you prefer your customers not wander into, this way you will have a better chance of getting more customers into your store.

To take better advantage of the city, install a larger family and split the members between the two houses so they can act as separate families. The members can work in the different businesses in the city as well as out of it. Beyond inviting friends, owning store, will increase the city population during business hours and make it feel even more like a real neighborhood.

Packages Used: Get to Work, Get Together, Spa Day. Outdoor Retreat, Perfect patio, Cool Kitchen, Backyard Stuff, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden.

CC List:

World Map sticker by Melinda Space at TSR (need for fake windows below)

(Scroll down the page) Fake Industrial Windows by 20/44 Sims 4

Daisies and company by Adonis Pluto (converted from sims 2) at (Papaver Poppies, Grand Gerberas and Merry Marigolds used)


Splashback Glass Tiles by Simsationaldesigns (colored tiled Horizontal)

Construction Walls by Pralinesims at TSR

Old Boat Deco by Freeasabird at Sims 4 Studio

Mutske Skylight Dome 3×3 By Mutske at TSR…eople-requested

Bakery Never ending Arch by Veranka…nload-mediafire

Shades of Blue carpet by Veranka…in-walls-can-be

Shades of Orange Wallpaper by Veranka…swatch-they-are

Full-view Windows (Triangle) by Minc7878

Designer Tiles by Pralinesims at TSR (wall Tiles)

Designer Floor Tiles Pralinesims at TSR

Carpets 5 by Pralinesims at TSR (24)

Ownable cars by Dark Gaia at…ht-roof-pieces/

Skylight Roof Pieces by Cinderellimouse

McBride Kitchen by Jomsims (You will need to scroll down to find the download. Click on the image to download. The metal column is used.)

Waterlily Recolors and Animated Fish by Bakie at (Use the Animated fish waterlilies)…air_index.shtml

Chairs by Sandy at ATS4 (choose the second chair from the left in the first row from the top)

Lot Size: 50×50

Lot Price (furnished): 424,605

Lot Price (unfurnished): 189,674

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day

Stuff Packs

Perfect Patio Stuff
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff

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