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Continuing my series of small, mid-century bungalows inspired by the ones I see around where I live: Brice Street! This §19,427 2-bed 1-bath home technically qualifies as a starter, but given its fixtures-only furnishings, it might be slightly more appropriate for a more well-established family — unless your Sims like sleeping on the floor! (Hey, who am I to judge?) On the bright side, this should only require Seasons and Holiday Stuff, and as usual, there’s not a drop of CC on the whole lot.


Size: 20×15

Price Furnished: §17,927

Price Unfurnished: §9,202

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1


This lot includes content from both Seasons and Holiday Stuff. It does not use any custom content.


Just unzip the included file and drop them into your tray folder!

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(Published on: 2022-07-03 12:00:00)

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