Breezy Seaside (RESIDENTIAL; NO CC)

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Hola amigos and commodore amigas! Here’s a home I built while inspired by the older home designs around the Monterey Bay Area with a bit of a modern twist (not too too modern though). Pretend the screenshots are by the water in a cloudy area.

You MUST have bb.Moveobjects ON when placing the lot
If you don’t, the lot will look all messed up.


– Spacious open plan

– Home office

– Teen bedroom

– Garage

– Screened-in porch

– Spacious backyard with b e e s

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Get Famous
Island Living
Discover University
Eco Lifestyle
Snowy Escape
Cottage Living

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Jungle Adventure

Dream Home Decorator

Stuff Packs

Cool Kitchen Stuff
Backyard Stuff
Vintage Glamour Stuff
Bowling Night Stuff
Laundry Day Stuff
Moschino Stuff
Tiny Living Stuff
Paranormal Stuff

(Published on: 2022-09-03 12:00:00)

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