Birthday Party Whenever (No Aging Cake)

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This mod is compatible with the patches/game updates that happened before September 22th 2022.



Mod Overview

This mod will allow you to make birthday parties events even when it’s not the birthday of a sim in your household! MOREOVER, it will remove the age up that occurs after a sim blow out candles.

I made this because it was my sim birthday and a bug in the game didn’t let me make a birthday event so I said nope modding it is.

Also, you definitely can have a birthday party before your birthday right, or two birthday parties in a sim’s lifespan? Who says you can’t?

Which File to Download?

– BirthdayPartyWhenever: Make your sim plan a birthday party whenever even when it’s not their birthday.

– BirthdayPartyWheneverNoAging: Removes the aging that occurs when you “Blow out candles”, “Make a wish”, “Taste Frosting” and toddler related interactions that make them blow out candles.

(You can download both or just one, they are not complementary)


Let Friends Age Up by LittleMsSam : The BirthdayPartyWheneverNoAging File removes the aging so that you can celebrate birthdays and blow out your candles without actually aging up. This means your sims will only be able to age up when the game automatically age them up when they reach the end of their lifespan.

HOWEVER, with LittleMsSam’s mod, you can continue to age up your sims even when it’s not their time or if you just want to age them up without the interactions. I really recommend using this mod with the NoAging File.


With the NoAging File, you will still have the little turn animation that sims do when they age up but they won’t actually age up.


This mod will conflict with any file that modifies the following tuning:

Similar Mods

Ageless birthdays by lemememeringue: When having the idea of this mod, I found that someone made a similar mod. I didn’t like the reset of the lifespan when sim celebrate their birthday so I decided to just mod it again by myself the way I want. Also it hasn’t been updated in a long time so yeah.

Available Languages: English

If you notice any issues on the mod, tell me in the comments and I will look at it and fix it!

Special Thanks

– Sims4Studio because they created S4S and I used it to create the mod (Published on: 2022-07-30 12:00:00)

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