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!! UPDATED: I uploaded the latest version at 10:30 (CEST) on July 25th 2022 !!

This is the latest mod version.


Do you want to get rid of that sad passed on sim moodlet by giving your deceased Sims a proper ‘dag dag’ with a cathartic memorial service?

This mod is an extension of amazing funeral & death mods made by other creators.

This mod will not work properly without BOTH mods!

Requires the Funeral Service Event mod by flauschtrud

Requires the Urn Binding and Summoning mod by Iced Cream


With this additive mod:

– Sims can now give eulogies, mourn and cry at coffins (Vampires pack required for the coffins)

– Sims can now give eulogies, mourn and cry at a City Living podium or base game microphone stand

– One can now create a mausoleum without CC objects, as (binded) ghosts can now enter, exit and spook the coffins

– One can still generate a regular gravestone / urn and bind the ghost to it at the end of the service

In order to let your sim mourn at any object, the game needs to interpret it as a gravestone / urn. To achieve this, a ghost sim must be ‘binded’ to the object. The Give Eulogy interaction is automatically available with the funeral service event mod. Consequently, you will need both mods for this one to work.

Make sure to claim the coffin (a.k.a. vampiric bed) with your host or watch a guest take a nap with the deceased. Or do not claim the coffin if they may they both rest in peace.

Happy Simming!

(Published on: 2022-07-30 12:00:00)

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