Better Blood (Plasma) Food & Drink

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This mod changes how much some things satisfy vampire thirst. Not drinking from other sims, but the bags & fruit related things. With this mod you’ll see the thirst need for your vampire sims go up by double or more, depending on the item they’re consuming.

Object EA This Mod
Bags / Packs
Medical 37.5 80
Fish 28.125 90
Frog 28.125 70
Plant / Fruit
Fruit itself 18.75 60
Bar Drink 25 80
Salad .857 & 30 1 & 70

Blood vs Plasma

Shout out to Letisiya for their string edit mod “Drink Blood, Not Plasma!” I’ve used it for years & recommend it; their mod does not conflict with this mod because this is an XML mod while that is a string edit mod. I use both together without issues.

Similar mods

ShuSanR (“Plasma Packs Fill More Vampire Thirst”) and Tanja1986 (“VAMPIRES – Mega Mod” with VampiresStrongerPlasmaFood) both have mods that do the same thing as this mod, but they both haven’t logged in for a long time. I wanted an updated version because this is an xml tuning mod & I wanted to use my own values for everything, so I made my own mod.

Technical Info

Requires the Vampires Game Pack (obviously? at least I would think that’s a bit obvious)

Confirmed to work with v1.87.40.1030 through v1.88.213.1030 (which is the current version as of 5-25-22). I make no promises on older or newer versions of the game. I won’t make this for older versions. If I’m still playing the sims 4 when newer version come out, I’ll update this mod (if I stop playing the then I won’t, unless I start playing sims 4 again).

Made in Sims4Studio, by changing these XMLs:

Expansion Packs

Game Packs


(Published on: 2022-05-25 12:00:00)

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