Aliens can consume transmutable objects kinda-TS3-style

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…Or at least as close as it can get to TS3 style. No, but seriously, I couldn’t find any references directly addressing this in the wiki so I was starting to be concerned I might have been imagining the rock-eating aliens of TS3. But yeah, it really was a thing.

So alas, this mod is a simple one, but hopefully brimming with potential (exclusively if you miss your aliens being able to eat rocks, though)!

XML Injector is required

I made two versions because I play using Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens, and I recommend that if you’re gonna be playing Aliens, but you can also use the regular one for plain Get To Work Aliens.

Any element, metal, or crystal that initially had the option to be transmuted by Aliens from GTW will now be consumable in exchange for restoring either Brain Power or Energy to completion, regardless of whether it was at zero or nearly full, so be mindful of when and what you eat!

Brain Power version:

  • Requires Get to Work + Nyx’s Enhanced Aliens (should work with either my version or GOOD_BOYgoneBAD’s version)
  • Brain Power will be restored to maximum
  • The transmutable collectible will be permanently destroyed

Energy version:

  • Requires Get to Work
  • Energy will be restored to maximum
  • The transmutable collectible will be permanently destroyed

Frequently asked questions:

am alien, how do i eat rock?

Easy, my wonderful Sixami friend! Just drag the collectible into your inventory and nom nom nom

Can I eat collectibles from the world?

Technically yes, but it might look weird, since they will immediately disappear from wherever they were, while if you have them in inventory you won’t see them slowly fade into the void. To be fair, that is purely visual.

Which specific collectibles can I consume?

Any collectible that Aliens could have transmuted in GTW, from whichever pack, so long as they were transmutable. Theoretically this could also apply to custom items, but I don’t actually know of any I could test on, so that part is “theoretical”


Should work with all languages because I just hijacked the in-game string for “eat” (partly because of practicality, partly because I couldn’t stop laughing at metals suddenly having an “Eat” action)


LOT51’s Online TDESC BROWSER, Sims4Studio, and XML Injector.

Expansion Packs

Get to Work

(Published on: 2022-03-10 12:00:00)

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