1970 Public Housing – Fully (hybrid) Furnished – no CC

Lots & Housing Residential

Apartment building based on 1970 public housing projects. 5 stories with 3×4=12 Units each big enough for a family of 3.

1 fully furnished unit (download now and get a free cellar). The rest of the units have enough furnitures for townies (they won’t die and they might even thrive)

(Read with Hollywood Soviet accent)

Hello, comrade! Let’s drink!

Now that there’s some vodka in our bellies, let’s drink in celebration of the completion of our new home!

It is a beautiful 5 story building that anyone would want to live in. It’s so good that I have already bought a unit on the first floor. With a little renovation even my wife is happy about it. Not only does it have a shower room it also have a cellar! A cellar! I have always wanted one since my fridge can never big enough for me. Now, I can store all those vegetables in the cellar (it’s colder than the fridge during winter) and put my bottles in the fridge. How wonderful is that!?

Enough talking, i’m getting thirsty. Have fun and move in before they are gone!

Lot Size: 20×16

Lot Price (furnished): 205448

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine Out

Stuff Packs

Perfect Patio Stuff
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Spooky Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff
Kids Room Stuff

(Published on: 2016-11-24 12:00:00)

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