⚠️Fixed⚠️Re-Creation of TS2 Basegame Polo

Body Shop Both Genders / Unisex Clothing Everyday Young Adult

You may ask, “Hey, Dea? You’ve been converting with a decent amount of skill, why are these recreations and not proper conversions?” To which I will answer: “Because the proper conversions were irritating me and I couldn’t get the bump mapping to cooperate or the faces to act normally, and I haven’t figured out tucked shirts correctly yet.” I tried…a lot of things and wound up scrapping it and trying for a simpler mesh modification of an existing TS4 mesh.

The torsos are shorter and the sleeves are longer, plus I made the female one a bit less fitting than the existing mesh that I modified, to be closer to the TS2 mesh. (Funnily, I just checked, and these actually aren’t for female Sims in TS2, but I like a full gender spread anyway.) Just pretend they’re a nostalgia reissue from the same company or something.

They’re classified as Everyday, Hot Weather, Situation, Career, Party, and Retail outfits, while carrying the Preppy, City – Sleek, and Contemporary – Basic styles.

EDIT: Thanks to MenaceMan for helping me fix the specs (whoops) and for pointing out an improvement to be made with the mesh. Big help! Guess that’s what I get for being in the throes of WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING block. (Published on: 2023-10-17 12:00:00)

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