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Cupcakes from the cupcake machine can be cooked in the oven

We have worked very carefully on making cupcakes so that this process is interesting and realistic! You will see different colors of dough that match exactly what you are cooking!

Your Sims will break eggs into a bowl, add extracts, and even taste it all with their finger – because it’s a sweet dough!

Cupcakes can ask for ingredients to choose from, such as flour, eggs, custard and others. And the prices have also been corrected for greater realism

All cupcakes require baking skills instead of the homestyle cooking, which means that you will need addition “Get to Work”

Install only one version to choose from (ingredients are optional):

EA (if you play without Realistic Cooking Mod and/or SCCO)

RCM (if you are playing with Realistic Cooking Mod and/or SCCO)

Cookbook S&S is required for work


Expansion Packs

Get to Work

(Published on: 2022-07-23 12:00:00)

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