Default Easel Paintings Replaced


Default Easel Paintings Replaced


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Well, this is it folks! The final compilation of all the replacement files for painting categories (Classic, Abstract, Emotional, Impressionist, Pop Art, Surrealism), as well as the addition of the final category Realism and the Focus category to the Emotional paintings. These files will replace all the paintings in the that sims create on the easel.
If you have downloaded these in my previous uploads, there is no need to download again, they are the same except for the Emotional and Realism .zip files.

I was tired of seeing paintings that I thought were too “meh” or juvenile, hopefully this mod with be useful to others who think the same thing. I have replaced all files with either new paintings, or some I left in but moved them so that their style matched the level of painting skill a bit better. It also isn’t too hard to replace the images; I’ve made a quick tutorial below. Art is subjective, after all!

I’ve made some charts that show what the original painting was, what level of painting skill it required, and what it was replaced with using my packages. These will replace pre-existing paintings, so paintings that are already hanging on your sims’ wall will be replaced with a new image when installing this mod.

Phew. Enjoy!

I’ve had few requests from people who want different paintings included, or wish a certain original painting wasn’t overwritten. So, I’ve attempted to make a simple explanation here!

If You Want One of the Old EA/Maxis Paintings Back:

11. Download Sim4pe here
2. Open the file of the painting you want to change. There will be a list of items, and when you click on them an image will appear to the right.
3. The charts I’ve made will show you which new painting replaces which EA/Maxis painting.
4. Find the one you want to change in the list in Sim4pe. Highlight it, and hit delete on your keyboard. You can also right-click on the item and choose “deleted” from the menu.
5. Save the file, and exit Sim4pe. When you run the Sims 4, the painting will be back to its original design.

If You Want To Replace A Painting With One Of Your Choice

1. Follow steps 1-3 above
2. Find the painting you want to change in the list in Sim4pe. Right-click on it, and choose “Export/Import via Helper” from the menu.
3. A small window will pop up. Click on “Export”, then give your image file a name and save it.
4. The image files are saved in .dds format. To modify .dds files you will need a plugin, which can be found here and a program like Photoshop or Gimp.
5. Open the image file and paste the new painting in. Save the file. A .dds file save options window will pop up. Choose “DXT5” from the dropdown menu, and leave the rest of the options the same. If this menu does not appear, try using “Save-as” instead of “Save”.
6. Back in Sim4pe, right-click on the painting again, and choose “Export/Import via Helper” again from the menu.
7. A small window will pop up. Click on “Import”, then find your new image file a name and open it. Click “Save and Close”
8. Your image should now appear in Sim4pe. Save the file and close. When you run the Sims 4, the painting will be your new design.

Confident Paintings:
“Fire Lion” by Jennifer Hickman
“Brave” by Victoria Ying
“Tetra” by Gonzalo Ordonez Arias
“Surfer Joe” by Eric Joyner
“Street Colors” by Graham Gercken
Angry Paintings:
“Tis but a scratch” by Scott Campbell
“Queen of Bells” by Mike Krahulik
“Taurus” by Damon Hellandbrand
“Throat Shark Is Just Looking For A Good Time” by Chris McMahon
“Smaug, King Under the Mountain” Jerry VanderStelt
“Princess Mononoke” by Tianhua Xu
“My frustration coming out on canvas” by Ramandip SinghSad Paintings:
“Sandman”, unknown
“Sad Keanu” by -33
“Pressure” by youngblood
“…all I could think of was flowers” by Kate Powell
“i can’t leave you” by Artyom Chebokha
“Bioshock Infinite Alternate Cover” by Todd Rad
‘The Airstrike” by Maaz Khan

Playful Paintings:
“INTO THE STORM” by Mica Angela Hendricks
“Charlie” by Lauren Gregg
“F*ck Science” by Emmy Cicierega
“otto’s sweet ride” by Brian Kesinger
“Self Help” by Aaron Jasinski
“Picachu” by Gavin Mackey
“Then Vermeer was Devoured” by Katie Holzmann
“Blueberry Girl” by Charles Vess

Flirty Paintings:
“Gruau’s Man” by Rene Gruau
“Pinup Ariel” by Lois Van Baarle
“Kiss of Passion” by Leonid Afremov
“Agape” by Maly Siri
“With you” by Andre Kohn
“White Camisole” by Pino Daeni
“So live ever, swoon to death.” by N.S. David
“intimacy on display” by Silvia Pelissero

Focused Paintings:
“Math IIi” by Michael Henderson
“Sacred Geometry / Merkaba / Excellence Strength” by Sarjana Sky
“Kaleidoscopic” by James Wyper

Large Surreal Paintings:
1-3 – EA/Maxis
4 – “butterfly” by maciej wierzbicki
5 – “The Great Eggplant of Kalamata” by Ursula Vernon
6 – “Waiting For The Wave” by RHADS/Artyom
7 – “Mollie Rose” by Kate Powell
8 – “Gone Fishing” by Desmond Wong
9 – “Melody of Rain” by Christian Schloe
10 – “Throne of Games” by Aaron Jasinski
11 – “River’s Dream” by Dan Dos Santos
Medium Surreal Paintings:
1 – “Nesting Daleks” by Lisa Rye
2 – “Staying Afloat” by Rachel Hames
3 – “Octotrooper” by Aaron Jasinski
4 – “Mr. Shark” by lora zombie
5-7 – EA/Maxis
8 – “Some variety” by Eduardo Garcia
9 – “The city of my dream” by Pisi
10 – “Llama” by Ali Gulec
11 – “Nebulae” by Cassidy Messinger
12 – “Afloat” by Christian Schloe
13 – “The Sleep of Reason” by Kevin Sloan
14 – “Underneath a Canopy” by Ricky Colson
15 – “there’s no waiting for us.” by N.S. DavidSmall Surreal Paintings:
1 – “Under the Water and Dreaming” by E. Barkley
2 – “Living off the Land” by mike b.
3 – “UNICORN SPACE CAT” by lora zombie
4 – “Butterfly Kisses” by Camilla dErrico
5 – “Poppies” by Irene Owens
6 – EA/Maxis
7 – “Hi Fidelity Head” by Aaron Jasinski
8 – “rooting for you” by monsieur-arlequin/michal
9 – “Madonna And Egg” by Ursula Vernon
10 – “Breathe” by Inga Mrazauskaite
11 – “Don’t Leave Me Now” by Delawer Omar
12 – Through a Lone, Winding Road by Tran Nguyen

Large Impressionist Paintings:
1-3 – EA/Maxis
4 – “Probe Droid” by Dave Seguin
5 – “Color Hurricane” by RHADS/Artyom
6 – “Zelda” by Aditya Ikranegara
7 – “Ariel’s_treasures” by lehuss/antony
8 – “Howl’s” by Roberto Nieto
9 – “N7 VII” by muju
10 – “The Time Job – Firefly + Doctor Who” by John Sumrow
11 – “Fireheart” by Alice X. Zhang
Medium Impressionist Paintings:
1-4 – EA/Maxis
5 – “Wall-E & Eve” by ElvisTR
6 – “Robot Digital Impressionism” by Marta de Andrés
7 – “Starry Night Over Cardiff Bay” by kuiwi
8 – “auxiliary power” by David Müller
9 – “Viking ship” by Dave Seguin
10 – “The Lights” by Alice X. Zhang
11 – “Rocket” by Wisesnail
12 – “The Mountain and the Viper Denial Version” by Therealmcgee
13 – “And Back Again” by Ari Suonpää
14 – “Impression Kaiju” by Hillary White
15 – “hiccup & toothless” by Mao A BbestiaSmall Impressionist Paintings:
1 – EA/Maxis
2 – “The Grass Starters” by purplekecleon/Mel
3 – “Emotional” by Marta de Andrés
4 – “Crouching Ezio” by Wisesnail
5 – “Mario” by Ronan Lynam
6-10 – EA/Maxis
11 – “Faron Woods” by Gondalier/Christa
12 – “Optimus Prime With Sunflower” by Hillary White
13 – “10TH and Rose Tyler – Doctor Who” by Kana Hyde
14 – “:The Bear and the Bow:” by lehuss/antony
15 – “Elizabeth” by Chelsea O.
16 – “The Prince of Asgard” by Alice X. Zhang
17 – “Ned 001” by RedPandaDee

Large Abstract Paintings:
1 – “Tribal Gathering” by rambleonrob
2 – EA/Maxis
3 – “New life” by Markus pitkänen
4-6 – EA/Maxis
7 – “under ether” by zeruch
8 – 9 – EA/Maxis
10 – “Wake up Honey” by Cleo Lant
11 – EA/Maxis
12 – “stroke” by alterlier
13 – “Flickering Forest” by Katrina Schaman
14 – “Faded Perception” by Jason Krahn
15 – “Comet pull” by Sandra Trubin
16 – “Img 4782-1-4” by Heather Howell
Medium Abstract Paintings:
1-2 – EA/Maxis
4 – “Conquering Turmoil” by ruthie
5 – “Colourful Fluid Painting 55” by Mark Chadwick
6 – “ferdoz” by remnanceofplen
7 – EA/Maxis
8 – “Handmade 6-b” by Vlad Gusev
9 – EA/Maxis
10 – “Le Repos” by Clara
11 – “The Reawakening2” by Danny O’Connor
12 – “Smoothie” by Amytea
13 – “Colors Over Time 1” by Sandra Trubin
14 – “Blue Evening” by Gérard Mursic
15 – “Epiphany” by Gregory TapperSmall Abstract Paintings:
1-3 – EA/Maxis
4 – “Circles #8” by Julian Wehrmann
5 – “Major fqup” by Markus pitkänen
6 – “I See YOU #1” by Sean Finegan
7 – “Circuit Board” by Curtis MacDonald
8 – “Melted Crayon” by awesomesocks1995
9-10 – EA/Maxis
11 – “Profumo” by Matteo Assina
12 – “Swirls in Progress” by Amytea
13-14 – EA/Maxis
15 – “Transitory Analgesia” by Scott
16 – “Abstract 8841901 2” by Pol Ledent
17 – “Abstract Circuit II” by Jennifer Lyn Pavia
18 – “Self” by Cassidy Messinger
19 – “After the Rain” by Matteo Cassina
20 – “225-HIGH-TECK” by jean-humbert savoldelli

Large Realism Paintings:
1-3 – EA/Maxis
4 – “Stay Classy” by Jordan Soliz
5 – “Comptine d’Un Autre Été” by Brad Collins
6 – “Liara” by Paul Grant
7 – “La Belle et la Bete – Beauty and the Beast” by Mominur Rahman
8 – “Sir Oscar Grouch” by Hillary White
9-10 – EA/Maxis
11 – “new work for neverwinterOL” by rogner5th/Su
12 – “Mystique” by jasric
13 – “Thranduil” by tillieke
14 – “Man Inside” by Sam Spratt
15 – “Betty” by Isabella Morawetz
Medium Realism Paintings:
1 – EA/MAxis
2 – “Professor Alf” by Hillary White
3 – “In the Morning” by Alice X. Zhang
4 – “Gandalf” – The Fellowship of the Ring by CLASSICS
5 – “Suburbia” by David Irvine
6-7 – EA/MAxis
8 – “Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Red 5” by Anthony Foti
9 – “I will rule” by Fernanda Suarez
10 – “Snorlax” by Felipe Escobar Bravo
11 – “They’re Coming” by Ashley Walters
12 – “The Road” by Euclase
13 – EA/Maxis
14 – “Princess Mononoke” by sakimi chan
15 – “Best Friends” by Isabella Morawetz
16 – “Link” by Dudu Torres
17 – “AT-AT Among the Sierra Nevada” by Oliver Wetter
18 – “John and Mary” by tilliekeSmall Realism Paintings:
1-5 – EA/Maxis
6 – “Hnnghman” by Hillary White
7 – “THE HEISENBERGS” by Brian DeYoung
8 – “Realistic Swampert” by Twarda8
9 – “Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains” by Oliver Wetter
10 – “Captain America” by jasric
11 – “What would I give” by Fernanda Suarez
12 – “Tyrion” by Fernanda Suarez
13 – “April O’Neil” by David Rapoza
14 – “The Consulting Detective” by tillieke
15 – “Star Wars: TCG – Yoda” by Anthony Foti

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group, & Sims4 XML Extractor by velocitygrass


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Version: 1.0
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Version: 1.0
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Version: 1.0
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Version: 1.0
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Version: 1.0
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Version: 1.0
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