Always Generate Insects

Always Generate Insects


The gameplay do not always generate uncommon/rare insects, they have 80% or 65% or even lower chance to be spawned.
(Well…that’s why they are called UNCOMMON/RARE insects.)
I love collecting, but also hate searching for three days and back home with only mosquitoes.

Mod Effects
All the insect spawners generate insects with a chance of 100%, or let’s say, always.

I didn’t alter the spawn time or duration, just increase the spawn chance.
Insects come out at specific time, I think it’s quite real and cute so I won’t change it.
If no insect shows up at the right time and spot, just wait for one sim-hour or two.
For the spawn spots you should read some game guide.

Based on Game Version 1.5.149, should be compatible with previous patches.
Outdoor Retreat (GP01) is required.

This mod edits these files, will conflict with any other mod does the same.

S4_EB97F823_00000002_000000000001928E Firefly
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019292 UncommonForest
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019295 RareForest
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019297 DragonFly
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019298 WillOTheWisp
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019916 RainbowFirefly
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019918 DragonDragonfly
S4_EB97F823_00000002_0000000000019919 CommonForest
S4_EB97F823_00000002_000000000001991A CommonHermit
S4_EB97F823_00000002_000000000001991B UncommonHermit

This is a non-script mod. Unzip and place the package file in Mods folder.

Additional Credits
S4PE & Sims4XmlExtractor & Notepad++
Special thanks to Fogity, for sharing his extracted tuning files.


Always Generate Insects
Always Generate Insects
Version: 1.0
66 KiB


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